Re: file.isFile() returns false on special-character files

Nigel Wade <>
Fri, 27 Oct 2006 17:37:41 +0100
Ren?? Schade wrote:


When running a program in Java 1.3 on AIX file.isFile() returns true on
af file containing special characters (that is Danish characters).

When running the program in Java.1.5 on Linux file.isFile() returns

Does anyone have any kind of experience with this?


The contents of the file shouldn't make any difference. Do you mean the filename
contains special characters?

File.isFile() doesn't attempt to open the file or in any way examine the
contents. If File.isFile() is returning false then the file doesn't exist (or
can't be accessed) or it's not a regular file (as determined by the type of the
file, not it's contents). If the file really exists and is a regular file and
you have permission to access it then there is probably something wrong in the
pathname which you have specified, i.e it isn't being understood by Java or the

Can you give us the full pathname, and the permissions to the the file in all
directories on the path?

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