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Wed, 29 Nov 2006 14:18:48 -0500
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Oliver Wong wrote:

"Twisted" <> wrote in message

Also, it is my right not to be the topic of a debate if I don't want to

    I'm not a lawyer, but I don't think you really do have such a right.

I HAVE THAT RIGHT. I in fact DEMAND that right (and on behalf of
everyone else, to be fair, not just for myself).


I think there's even
something in many countries' laws about "public figures" having less of
such a right than random citizens do.

    I wonder what it means, philosophically speaking, to actually have a
right (any right at all), though, or if such a thing is even possible.

not sure what does or does not constitutes libel, but my impression is
as long as you say things which are "true" or which could "reasonably be
believed as true" (i.e. mistaken beliefs) are allowed.

Certainly this doesn't include the numerous outright lies about me
being promulgated here though!

    Well, it does, if people could reasonably believe it to be true. (But
again, I am not a lawyer.)

    I think people can debate about anything they want. And if they want
debate about a specific person, they don't need that person's permission

It's goddam RUDE is what it is, whatever else you may think.

    Perhaps it is. But a lot of people do rude things on the Internet.

I am not
to be discussed and dissed; I decide what my purpose is and nobody
else. I have a right to not be badmouthed in public, and to enforce
that right, at least so long as I do nothing to deserve badmouthing.
And you must agree that none of my first few (at least) posts to this
thread make me deserve any hostility at all. (The rest don't matter,
since the hostility was already occurring by then.)

    I don't think anything anybody said in this thread makes them deserves
any hostilities at all, nevermind only the first few posts. That said,
perhaps you and I disagree on the connotations of the term "deserve".

    Perhaps some people feel that you did do something outrageous<snip>

NOT IN THE FIRST FEW POSTS. Those are ALL that count toward attempting
to justify the first few attack posts. And they emphatically DON'T
justify them.

    The question is... those first few attack posts... were they written by
someone else... or by you? (And more importantly, might the answer to that
question differ depending on the perspectives of the person answering the
question?) Could it be that this whole mess started because someone
interpreted a message as being hostile, when it was not intended to be, and
so they responded in a hostile manner, which cause more hostile responses,
and so on?

    - Oliver

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