Re: Signed applet - Any way to check if user will get the security popup?

"Andrew Thompson" <>
7 Dec 2006 02:13:42 -0800
<> wrote:

I don't want to bypass the security at all even if I could, I
understand why it's there.

But I have a little applet on a webpage used by a closed group of users
which works if not signed but provides some additional features if it
is signed.

What I don't want though is for users to get the dialog box you get
with a signed applet saying do you want to accept it... If the user has
chosen "Always trust this publisher" then it doesn't ask and that's
great but if not I'd rather it say nothing and run without additional
privileges than ask the user.

Is there any way I can supress the dialog and simply not run with
priveleges in this case?

Not as far as I understand. If an applet is signed,
the user is asked if they will accept the signed code.

...Or any way I can detect from javascript or an
unsigned applet if the user is likely to be asked?

They *will* be asked, unless they happen to have ticked
an 'always trust this publisher' checkbox for an earlier
applet signed with the same certificate.

I can't think of a way to achieve this but thought I'd ask !

Using web-start, you can offer the choice to your
end users (where it should be). Offer the applet as
both no permissions and j2ee-application-client
permissions, explaining the difference on the
web-page, and everything should be sweet..

Andrew T.

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