John Ersatznom <j.ersatz@nowhere.invalid>
Sun, 17 Dec 2006 23:41:09 -0500
Thomas Hawtin wrote:

nandu wrote:

G:\java\RMI\MySPyWatcher\with screenshot\built1>java MySpyServerImpl
Sorry dude!!! access denied
tPermission connect,resolve)

Could you please help me with this?Has it got anything to do with the
PORT issues of SP1 XP?I have heard something of that sort.Plz help

AccessControlException (extends SecurityException) is an exception from
security imposed by Java. It is not due to the operating system. Your
code needs the permissions specified in the error message.

Presumably you are setting an RMISecurityManager (which isn't actually
any different to SecurityManager) in order to download code from the
remote host (in this case it's just a loopback). Two easy options are to
supply a java.policy file to grant those permissions, or override
SecurityManager.checkConnect to skip the check.

Tom Hawtin

Personally, I'd be sure to learn this stuff and understand exactly what
the security model and threat model of the system is before granting new
permissions in some sort of remotely-accessible system, but hey, that's
just me. :)

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