Re: tooltip consumes mouse events?

Thomas Hawtin <>
Tue, 14 Aug 2007 03:47:58 +0100
Peter Ashford wrote:

...and this seems to end up consuming all of the mouse events, so that
I now cannot move my frame (nor launch the popup menu attached to it
via a rightclick action)

(Popup events are not necessarily right click actions - you should test
all mouse events for isPopupTrigger.)

Is this correct behaviour? If so, how should one add a tooltip to a
frame with a mouselistener on it?

Unfortunately it is the expected broken behaviour for mouse and mouse
motion events. Adding a mouse listener stops the events bubbling up the
component-container hierarchy. Actually setComponentPopupMenu (since
1.5) should be alright as it uses AWTEventListeners.

Some of your choices are:

  o Add the mouse listeners at exactly the same level as other mouse
listeners. You may need to play about with ContainerListener to achieve
  o Add an AWTEventListener. This requires security permissions.
  o Push an EventQueue with an overridden dispatchEvent method. this
doesn't stack well with similar code and prevents system copy & paste
working in sandboxed environments.

Tom Hawtin

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