Lew <>
Sun, 30 Sep 2007 15:41:12 -0400
<> wrote:

Hello friends!


NSIT is back with its challenging techfest [sic] INNOVISION '07. This year
we present to you, [sic] a mega [sic] coding event with umpteen new dimensions -

How big is "umpteen"?

"AI CHALLENGE, come win the Battle". This event provides u [sic] with an
opportunity to rub your shoulders with great coders n [sic] geeks from all
over the globe by showcasing your programming skills.

Is that how we rub shoulders? I never knew.


The legendary

and copyrighted

Harry Potter has stepped into seventh year of his
schooling. Voldemort-the most evil wizard till [sic] date, is also rising to
power and torturing the wizarding world. The only last hope of [sic]
wizarding community is Harry Potter. Now you have to

No, I don't.

design a code [sic] which would fight Voldemort on Harry's behalf.

I smell a serious copyright violation here. Do you have permission from J.K.
Rowling or any of the copyright stakeholders to use this protected
intellectual property?

I didn't think so. Between your theft of their stuff and your illiteracy, I'm
staying well away from you, "atulnsit89".

I hope you get sued for eleventy-umpteen Euros.


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