Re: Great SWT Program

Owen Jacobson <>
Thu, 15 Nov 2007 14:31:46 -0800 (PST)
On Nov 15, 1:21 pm, wrote:

On Nov 14, 5:17 am, (Bent C Dalager) wrote:

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Roger Lindsj=F6 <> wrote:

PS. And thank good for screen (
) when the connections goes down all the time. DS.

The lack of a proper "screen" utility is perhaps the single most
important feature that is missing from modern GUIs and window

If you're talking about some sort of multiple-full-screen-terminals-
switching thing, the GUI version of that is having more than one
window open at a time and being able to maximize and overlap
windows. :P

Screen's killer feature is not that it allows you to run multiple apps
at the same time (though that is awfully handy, it can be done just
fine without screen, too). Screen's killer feature is that it keeps
the session running if the screen client loses its connection or shuts
down, allowing you to pick up where you left off -- much like MS
Remote Desktop, but much lighter weight (aimed, as it is, at the
command line). It also allows a single session to be shared (with
variable permissions regarding who can provide what input, to a
certain extent), either between multiple logins from the same user or
between multiple users.

Analogous services exist for Windows (Citrix, VNC, the aforementioned
msrdc), X11, and various other GUIs, but they're nowhere near as
comfortable to use due to, primarily, bandwidth constraints.

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