Re: Connecting to JMatlink with Applets / JWS

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Mon, 03 Dec 2007 06:38:08 GMT
Andrew Thompson wrote:


...Also an icon called 'File Test' was
created on the PC Desktop. When I open a file with this application, I
can view it in the text space. However, I don't seem to be saving /
updating info in text files I open using 'File Test'.

If I recall correctly* - I did not actually go to the point
of *saving* text edits. That is more complicated, and I
did not want to add too much code to the example.

Another point is that if the project was not trusted, the
dialogs you see would only appear after you are
*prompted* (by the Java Plug-In) to allow the action -
try the 'sandboxed' example back at the site to see
the differences between the two projects.

The sandboxed one will not prompt at start-up, but *will*
prompt you once the code tries to do anything with the
file services.

The trusted version will prompt you at start-up - if permission
is not granted to 'trust the code' - it never makes it onto
screen, but if trust is granted - there are no further prompts
for the file services.

Since all I wanted to do was demonstrate that the project
was 'trusted' - it seemed redundant to go on to do the
actual file editing.

Andrew Thompson

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