Re: Why is Applet Slower than Application?

Joshua Cranmer <Pidgeot18@verizon.invalid>
Thu, 28 Feb 2008 22:21:30 GMT
Sanny wrote:

Say I have a System with 2 GB RAM. Will I be able to Create an Array
of Integer with Large Memory Size taking upto 2 GB RAM? Or the Browser
will not allow Large Arrays?

1. Capitalization of Words Is not a Random choice. Only the first word
of a sentence and proper nouns should be capitalized. Acronyms and code
have different semantics, though.

int[][][] BigArray = new int[1000][1000][1000]; Will such big array be
allowed on an Applet?

2. Do you have 4GB of main+virtual memory handy? I believe that Windows,
as most consumers have it, does not allow a process to take more than 4
GB of virtual memory. This is not a limitation limited by Java, or by
the applet model, but by the OS and system configuration.

3. Why do you need so much memory?

Can I get the information about RAM on a System and initialize arrays
depending on the Maximum Memory the Desktop has?

4. No.

5. Why would you want to do this? The only thing I can think of is for
monitoring cache resources, and this is not a method I would use to
dictate cache.

6. Java 5 (IIRC) and 6 both allow one to declare monitoring of memory by
the running process.

Can I know in an applet whether the System is Dual Procesor or Quad
Processor or a 8 core Processor is there any code in Applet to know
about Hardware Configurations of the system it is running on?

7. No. You can set up normal multithreaded systems, though.

8. Again, what information would you want to find out that matters
greatly to the running of your program?

Why do Applet so much limited in functionality?

9. Because you didn't explicitly install the code. For example, you
don't want some website's applet surreptitiously starting up and reading
/etc/passwd (for *nix systems) back to its home site, or copying the
contents of your My Documents folder (for Windows systems). You can make
applets trusted, which requires the user to explicitly authorize access
to you via a dialog.

I see Flash are so Fast. If you design an Animation in Flash it loads
in 1 second and Runs so smoothly. While Java Applet Blurs so much????

10. One question mark is enough. While on that subject, I would like to
point out the issue of haphazard capitalization again.

11. Flash is optimized for animations, whereas Java is not. There is
also the issue of Java VM start times.

Why can't .Sun develop Applet which work as good as Flash? Both uses
plugin then why Java plugin so bad?

12. It's `Sun', not `.Sun'.

13. I think applets work better than Flash in many cases.

14. The issue is not that they're plugins, but the design of the code.
I've never looked heavily into how Flash works, but IIRC, a Flash
application with as much design logic as the typical Java applet will
run into similar problems.

Can these slowness and restrictions be removed from Applets easily???

15. Preload the Java VM to ease slowness.

16. Create trusted applets to remove security restrictions, and hope
that the users grant you these permissions.

Can I give a Button In an Applet which asks for user Confirmation to
speedup the Applet and once the user Confirms the Applet runs as an
Application taking all resources from the Computer?

17. An application that takes all my RAM, CPU usage, and HD space? Just
what ARE you doing that needs to use so many resources?

18. See above answers for me details.

Final nit:
19. Take a small amount of time to edit for proper capitalization,
grammar, and punctuation. Large amounts of improper usages are very
distracting and difficult to read.

Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not
tried it. -- Donald E. Knuth

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