Re: 3D in Applet

Andrew Thompson <>
Fri, 14 Mar 2008 03:23:39 -0700 (PDT)
On Mar 14, 8:26 pm, Thorsten Kiefer <> wrote:

..when launched with webstart, the becoming apps.
become free-floating and can they easily be resized
(if that makes any sense). I was going to mention
that as another plus of webstart, but forgot!

OK I'll stick to webstart an forget the applet ..


* BTW - to anyone else interested, this thread
began on the rather quiet c.l.j.3d group,


Sorry ;)

It's cool, or rather, since I probably should
have given you the warning about m-p at the very
moment I was advising you to post 'somewhere else'
I do not feel you owe *me* an apology, so I
will 'pass that on' to the rest of the folks
that read and contribute to the group.

Can you give me an exmple jnlp file that references
the java3d jnlp file ?

Sure, but here's a tip.

Use this search..

Then grab any of the hits and feed the URL to this

import java.awt.*;
import javax.swing.*;

class ShowURL {

  public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
    String address = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null, "URL");

    URL url = new URL(address);

    JEditorPane jep = new JEditorPane(url);

    JScrollPane jsp = new JScrollPane( jep );
    JPanel panel = new JPanel(new BorderLayout());
    panel.add( jsp );
    panel.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(400,300));

    JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, panel);

..and you can see how others do it!

Here is the first hit I am seeing for 'Sudoku'.
(reformatted to something more like we might be
used to seeing XML)

<!-- JNLP File for Sudoku Ball Application -->
<jnlp spec="1.0+" codebase="
  <title>Sudoku Ball Application 1.0.13-beta</title>
  <vendor>Mobile Excellence B.V. & LenSoft International Ltd.</
  <icon href="icons/ballapp.jpg"/>
  <icon href="icons/ballapp.jpg" kind="splash"/>
<update check="timeout" policy="always"/>
  <j2se href="" version="1.4+"/

  <jar href="SudokuBall.jar" download="eager" main="true"/>
  <extension href="
<application-desc main-class="BallApplet"/>

..I looked through the jnlp
file format and could only find <nativelib> tag.

Interestingly, the 2nd hit seems to be the extension
itself 'java3d-latest.jnlp'. It is probably *that*
JNLP that needs to make use of the nativelib element(s).

It is the 'extension' element in your JNLP that
causes the J3D API to be installed.

Your code would be mentioned where it makes reference
to SudokuBall.jar.

Even more interestingly, I doubt the SudokuBall
splash would ever appear. The JNLP file declares
no 'href' in the JNLP element - which casues all
sorts of strange behaviour with caching, splash
screens and desktop integration.

..Maybe I should try and hunt down an email
address to contact them.

Andrew T.

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