Re: Fastest pixel by pixel operation

Andrew Thompson <>
Mon, 17 Mar 2008 20:54:52 -0700 (PDT)
On Mar 18, 5:55 am, Andr=E9 Wagner <> wrote:

I'm writing a videogame emulator ..

Cool. How about an Amiga emulator (maybe for your
next project - I have a lot of cool old Amiga games
that I prefer to current day rubbish - but anyway..)?

..that'll run in a java webapplet.

Why? Not "Why Web?" but "Why Applet?".

Once you have a working prog. it is simpler to
deploy using webstart, which offers a free floating
app. with splash screens and desktop integration (if
either makes any sense for the deployment).

Which is the best way to access the graphics,

I'll leave the bit twiddling to others better at it..

3. Since it'll run in aapplet, it can only access the basic java API.

..but that is not the case.
A sandboxed applet (or webstart launched applet or
application, for that matter) can use the sandboxed
jar's of other API's (e.g. JFreeChart) just fine.
If you wanted to offer the user the ability to *save*
the generated chart to disk as an image, that would
require either signed/trusted code in the applet/webstart
app, or a sandboxed webstart app. that uses the JNLP
API to access to local disks.

In fact, once it comes to webstart, you can deploy
a *sandboxed* app. that refers to the Java3D webstart
extension* that has its own splash and is *all
permissions* because it uses natives to achieve
what it does.

* <

Using the Java3D extension we** (the deployers) get
to deploy our part of the app. without signing it,
yet can still take advantage of the power of J3D
using natives.

** Hypothetically, I have deployed things using a
number of JNLP (webstart) extensions, including
JOGL renderings, but cannot quite recall if I've
ever used the J3D extn.

Just a few thoughts for you..

Andrew T.

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