Re: JNLP puzzle

Andrew Thompson <>
Mon, 31 Mar 2008 16:27:45 -0700 (PDT)
On Mar 29, 9:09 am, Roedy Green <>

The DTD forJNLPhas a line like this:

<!ELEMENTjnlp(information+, security?, resources*,
 (application-desc | applet-desc | component-desc |

Both tools I used to translate that into XSD suggested that you had to
pick only ONE of application-desc, applet-desc, component-desc,
 installer-desc. I don't understand DTD well enough to know if the
DTD says that too.

That agrees with my understanding.

What are you supposed to do? have two different JNLP files?


Some good reasons I can think of, to enforce
an installer to be a separate extension, is that if,
for example, you have one databsase used by
four separate apps.,
- it can help to factor out the DB install into
the single extension, and simply refer to it as
a single line in the 4 application-desc JNLP files.
- Also, an installer-desc would often require
all-permissions to do what is needed, whereas
2 of the four apps. might be deployable sandboxed.

Ultimately, I factor a lot of things into separate
JNLP files, from API parts to media archives. There
is a lot of sense to it.

Andrew T.

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