Re: Java client side gif loading problem

Mark Space <>
Wed, 17 Sep 2008 12:53:57 -0700
<garn8p$vpc$> wrote:

Well......i have to concede ans say that your ARE right.
I used my applet class RoomClient for the url retrieval.
URL url = RoomClient.class.getResource("images_priority/" + pi.index +

it works remotely just fine.
My apologies for doubting you.

I don't do applet programming but that's an issue we've seen a few times
on this list. Applets run in a different environment than what your IDE
does. Almost always it's a permission on the classloader when stuff
works in the IDE but not in the field.

I'd think about two things right now:

1. Setting up a better simulation of your target environment so you can
generate errors. Figure out how to run the IDE or appviewer with
permissions similar to the browser so you CAN see problems.

2. Figure out how to get those error messages from a client. I'd look
at logging them, not using println, and sending the log to the server.

As I say, I don't do applet programming, so I can't say how to do those
things, but in general it's needed in any environment. Underestimating
what is required for testing is very common in software engineering.
Once you've found a defect in your testing like this, it's best to stop
and figure out how to plug the test-hole right away, rather than waiting
until the same problem bites you again... and again... and again... etc.

Good luck.

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