Re: uploading files

Andrew Thompson <>
Wed, 1 Apr 2009 17:56:07 -0700 (PDT)
On Apr 2, 9:57 am, Arne Vajh=F8j <> wrote:

Matt Humphrey wrote:


Signing is needed for the applet to read from the local file system.


I should have been a little more verbose in my
'option 2' (now trimmed).

This is the embedded applet using Java 1.6.0_10+
option, and it can allow even unsigned applets to
access the local file system. The user is prompted
for permission at the exact moment the code goes to
show the file chooser.

This is in some ways a better user experience than
the usual 'signed applet', in that
1) The prompt for extra permissions is more closely
associated with the user clicking the 'Select File/s
to Upload' button (whatever).
2) It is more specific about why the extra permissions
are required (AFAIR there is mention of something like
'the code would like to access the local file system
- Allow Yes/No'
3) The user can refuse the prompt the first time,
then change their mind and immediately be prompted
again (it can be tricky getting a second 'trust prompt' for a signed
applet that the user has initially
refused extra permissions).

Even with the sandboxed/JNLP option, the applet can
still be signed but sandboxed, and AFAIU, it will
act just the same (but I have not tested it, since I
only bother to sign applets when they are not JNLP
based and require trust).

Andrew T.

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