Re: AT-Robots clone alpha now available for download on SourceForge.

Daniel Pitts <>
Thu, 31 Dec 2009 11:31:57 -0800
RedGrittyBrick wrote:

Daniel Pitts wrote:

I've finally put my AT-Robots clone on SourceForge. It is lacking in

I shall frame this and put it on my wall. Whenever anyone casts doubts
about my professionalism, I shall look at it and draw comfort :-)

This made be LOL. Thanks for the laugh.

This project is not a professional endeavor, and it is in the alpha
stage. There is existing documentation on how to write robots, but it
is in the original software package. I have been too busy to get
permission to copy or to re-write it.

Once I'm ready to slap the "Beta" sticker on it, you can bet there will
be documentation, and it will be a lot more polished.

Anyway, this is my hobby, so professionalism needn't be as high. Final
product quality will be though, if I find enough people have interest in
the product at all. I fear I may have been a little late, and that
interest may have waned to zero.

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