Re: Programming Contest: BoxifyMe

"Mike Schilling" <>
Sun, 12 Dec 2010 11:17:26 -0800
"James Dow Allen" <> wrote in message

On Dec 12, 9:37 pm, Lew wrote:
(responding to the least interesting part of my post :-( )

James Dow Allen wrote:

(2) Skybuck: Publishing private e-mails without permission is
an etiquette No-no. (And perhaps even illegal in some cases!)

I doubt that it's illegal....

If you were to publish an email I sent you "privately", without a
non-disclosure agreement and absent my request to you to keep the
confidential, I would not even view that as an etiquette violation. I
that you do, but you may want to be more cautious in the future about
representing your opinion as a universal truth.

Lest gentle reader fear that Lew might be correct, you can read
Or use Google to discover that myriads of people regard
publishing private e-mail, whether legal or not, as an etiquette

Skybuck intended no offense, and gave no offense, so my comment
was intended as a gentle warning for future reference. Not about me
(with few secrets, or at least few of a type I'd disclose to a
but that *SOME PEOPLE* feel strongly about this.

Perhaps it's a generational thing. How old are you, Lew?
I was born in the Truman Administration. (Gak!)
You yung'uns scribbling on each others' Facebook Walls may
have a completely different view on privacy than us old fogeys. :-)

I don't know why e-mail and snail mail would be different. If I send you a
letter the old-fashioned way, you do not have the right to publish it
without my permission. You can see this in books where the author does
publish letters he's received. Lacking permission, he must disguise or only
summarize them.

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