Re: Java.lang.NoSuchMethodException

"Bjorn Abelli" <>
4 May 2006 15:23:17 +0200
"ramakrishna" wrote...

  can any one tell me, why NoSuchMethodException will come in
Class.getConstructor( Class[] parameterTypes) method.
 In my program Iam using the one constructor and iam calling the
constructor by passing array of class object

I believe I have already answered your question once...

[snipped a lot of code]

As iam feeling that it does not accept the SubClass object.

1. Is there any difference b/w "new" and reflection package
creation object.

When using "new" the JVM looks for the "best case" constructor, i.e. if
there is no constructor with *exactly* the type of the argument, it looks
for constructors where polymorphism can be used, i.e. if there are any
constructors that can take a supertype of the parameters.

When using reflection to get a constructor, you need to provide the
*declared* parametertypes. There you provide/get instances of "Class", but a
Class-instance of a subtype is not polymorph to a Class-instance of a

You need to search through the constructors yourself, to see which of them
that has the "best fit".

Here's a quick fix you could use to get such a Constructor:


  public static Constructor getPossibleConstructor
     (Class motherClass, Class[] pars) {

     Constructor[] ctors = motherClass.getConstructors();

     for (Constructor c : ctors) {
        Class[] cpars = c.getParameterTypes();

        if (cpars.length != pars.length) continue;

        boolean found = true;

        for (int i = 0; i < cpars.length; ++i) {

           if (!cpars[i].isAssignableFrom(pars[i])) {
              found = false;
        if (found) return c;
     return null;


Now, using the names you've used in previous posts, you could:



Class[] tParameterClasses = new Class[1];
tParameterClasses[0] = gauUnau.getClass();

Class tClass = Class.forName( ActionHelper );

// using the method provided above...
// though it also should have a check for null
// in case no constructors can fit with the
// provided parameter classes...

Constructor tConstructor =
   getPossibleConstructor(tClass, tParameterClasses);

Object[] tParameterObjects = new Object[1];
tParameterObjects[0] = (Object) gauUnau;

ActionHelper actionHelper =

// Bjorn A

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