Re: Hello all, Regarding Files in java.

Simon <>
Thu, 22 Jun 2006 11:57:17 +0200
Dear megha,

ok, this is a bit hard to read because of the missing indentation. I think you
actually managed to move the initialization of the BufferedWriter outside the
loop, but now it is initialized *after* the loop. You cannot seriously hope that
it is used before it is even declared? Inside your loop you are writing
everything to System.out, and at the end you write the value of str to the file
which is then of course again the last value str had inside the loop.

(As a genral rule: In order to avoid such effects you should also declare String
str inside the loop which also avoids warnings about non-initialized variables.)

I initialised the str variable. but still i am getting the output as i
ve got before..
the condition is not getting checked while the file is written. so i am
not getting the desired output. kindly help me.

The condition is checked, but of course only inside the loop, where the
if-statement occurs. You must place the initialization of the Writer before the
loop and the actual writing inside.


Enumeration enumeration = properties1.propertyNames();
String str= "abc";
str =(String)enumeration.nextElement();
String value2 = properties2.getProperty(str);
if(value2 == null){
System.out.println(+System.currentTimeMillis() + " " + " Key not
found in French :" +str);
BufferedWriter buffwriter = new BufferedWriter(new
catch(IOException e){

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