Re: Load Java Properties File using JSP

"RigasMinho" <>
5 Sep 2006 08:43:41 -0700
Holy - crud it works.

Thanks - its weird the below code is the core java i wrote which works.

But somehow doesnt work in JSP. Gotta learn JSP better.

Here's a question - the code you wrote for the JSP properties loader -
the properties file would be stored in the project workspace right?

And not under the tomcat workspace deployed place right?

import java.util.Properties;
import java.*;

class Prop{

public static void main(String args[])

String strServername;
String myURL;
String osname;
Properties prop = System.getProperties();
osname = prop.getProperty("");
if (osname.equals("Windows XP"))


Properties defaultProps = new Properties();
FileInputStream in = new
strServername = defaultProps.getProperty("portnumber");
catch(IOException e)
String g;



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Andrew T.

Andrew, how's the head today?

Not great. But I feel a lot better, than I deserve to. ;-)

Andrew T.

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