Re: Hibernate question: retrieving class name and field name from table_name and column_name

"ducnbyu" <>
22 Nov 2006 10:07:37 -0800
<> wrote:

Thank you very much. I've lost a lot of time to find this :). I'm new
to Hibernate, and I don't understand how this framework become so
popular with so poor documentation. It's very frustrating. I post the
question you asked on the hibernate forum from and I
received no answer. Usually the open source framworks are poor, but
existent. The JBoss was similar, and hibernate is a JBoss splinter.

Thank you once again,


I agree with you, it appears that most of the API is undocumented
beyond what is auto-generated. API documentation would be so much more

Have you read through the manual? Other than searching around the web
and newsgroups and asking questions, the manual seems to be the only
documentation we have to go on. This

opens the entire manual in a single page. I use my browser's find
command to look for things I think I remember having read. The table
of contents is fairly thorough too.

I think the reason hibernate is popular is because of the value of what
it sets out to do and it's open source. You can create very
sophisticated DBMS access methods without writing code specific to the
DBMS you are working in. So you can change the DBMS without touching
any code.

ducnbyu wrote: wrote:


I need to get the associated class name and attribute name having
table_name and column_name.

I have the Hibernate mapping file:


    <class name="com.esi.masterlist.model.EsiPharmMaster"
        <id name="esiphmDemSk" type="java.lang.Long" column="ESIPHM_DEM_SK"
            <generator class="native">
        <property name="aqppExceptionG34sk" type="java.lang.Long"
column="AQPP_EXCEPTION_G34SK" length="22"/>

I need to get at runtime from the table_name (ESI_PHARM_MASTER) and
column_name (AQPP_EXCEPTION_G34SK) the object class
(com.esi.masterlist.model.EsiPharmMaster) and property name

THank you,

Map x =
for (Iterator i = x.values().iterator(); i.hasNext(); ) {
    SingleTableEntityPersister y = (SingleTableEntityPersister);
    System.out.println(y.getName() + " -> " + y.getTableName());
    for (int j = 0; j < y.getPropertyNames().length; j++) {
        System.out.println(" " + y.getPropertyNames()[j] + " -> " +
(y.getPropertyColumnNames(j).length > 0?
y.getPropertyColumnNames(j)[0]: ""));

That will show you all the tables that go with all the classes in your
schema and all the class properties that go with columns in your

You can search through that or pre-load a more searchable structure
depending on your performance requirements.


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