Help Required, Problem in writing a File.

23 Nov 2006 10:51:35 -0800
Hello Dear Fellows.

I am having a problem in writing files. Problem seems to be very
trivial but I dont know, why I havent been able to figure it out. I am
pasing a code snippet below. Task is to read files from a directory,
process it a bit, and write again.

    /* fileManager is an instance of userdefined class. Contents of
files are successfully read into StringBuffer contents*/

                for (int n = 0; n < terms.length; n++)
                    StringBuffer strBuffer = new

                fileManager.fileWriter(contents,f2 + "\\Profile_" +
                System.out.println("Value of File is : " + str[i]);
                System.out.println("Value of Contents is : " +

f2 is a path of directory, and this code runs in a loop for all files
in direcory f2 where str[i] is the name of the file in directory f2,
which is being processed. Problem is the last two lines also shows the
correct value, but I dont know why it is not writing into file.

The code of fileManager.fileWriter is here:
 public void fileWriter(StringBuffer stringBuffer,String path)
            File writeFile = new File(path);
            OutputStream fout = new FileOutputStream(writeFile);
            OutputStream bout = new BufferedOutputStream(fout);
            OutputStreamWriter writer = new OutputStreamWriter(bout);

Kindly enlighted me if you figure out where lies the problem. Many

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