"kubber" <>
7 Dec 2006 07:14:35 -0800

I'm trying to write a programm, that will send SOAP requests ( from
request.xml file ) and put response
to response.xml file .

I managed to add few lines to a tip I found on the web :

and I've got working programm, but .. everything runs fine via HTTP ,
but as I want
it to consume a web service via HTTPS it throws :
com.sun.xml.messaging.saaj.SOAPExceptionImpl: Message send failed

I'm going to google further, I've even bougth a book , but I'm afraid I
won't make it on time ..

I don't have any access to a web server with SSL, ( I'm testing it in
home network with apache with SSL ),
so I could host a sample web service there ..

Maybe someone can help me ...

Thanks ;

Here's the code so far ( jre 1.6 )


import javax.xml.soap.MessageFactory;
import javax.xml.soap.SOAPBody;
import javax.xml.soap.SOAPConnection;
import javax.xml.soap.SOAPConnectionFactory;
import javax.xml.soap.SOAPEnvelope;
import javax.xml.soap.SOAPMessage;
import javax.xml.soap.SOAPPart;
import javax.xml.transform.Source;
import javax.xml.transform.Transformer;
import javax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory;

public class BringSOAP {

   public static void main(String args[]) {
       if (args.length == 0)
     System.out.println("Usage : BringSOAP <WebService - URL> ") ;
       try {


     // System.setProperty("", "all" );

     //First create the connection
         SOAPConnectionFactory soapConnFactory =
         SOAPConnection connection =

         //Next, create the actual message
         MessageFactory messageFactory = MessageFactory.newInstance();
         SOAPMessage message = messageFactory.createMessage();

// Create objects for the message parts
         SOAPPart soapPart = message.getSOAPPart();
         SOAPEnvelope envelope = soapPart.getEnvelope();
         SOAPBody body = envelope.getBody();

         //Populate the Message
        StreamSource preppedMsgSrc = new StreamSource(
                 new FileInputStream("request.xml"));

         //Save the message

// Check the input

        //Send the message and get a reply

        //Set the destination
         URL destination = new URL(args[0]);
// Send the message
        SOAPMessage reply =, destination);

       //Check the output
       //Create the transformer
       TransformerFactory transformerFactory =
       Transformer transformer =
       //Extract the content of the reply
       Source sourceContent = reply.getSOAPPart().getContent();

       //Set the output for the transformation
       FileOutputStream out; // declare a file output object
       PrintStream p; // declare a print stream object
       // Create a new file output stream
       out = new FileOutputStream("response.xml");
       // Connect print stream to the output stream
       p = new PrintStream( out );

       StreamResult result = new StreamResult(p);
       transformer.transform(sourceContent, result);

        //Close the connection

       catch(Exception e)
     FileOutputStream out; // declare a file output object
            PrintStream p; // declare a print stream object

             out = new FileOutputStream("error.txt");
             // Connect print stream to the output stream
             p = new PrintStream( out );
             catch(Exception f)

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