Re: Migrating JAX-RPC to JAX-WS

"Karl Uppiano" <>
Fri, 15 Dec 2006 22:53:54 GMT
"Karl Uppiano" <> wrote in message

I am having difficulty migrating a JAX-RPC application to JAX-WS.

The JAX-RPC web service uses custom parameters and return data carrier
classes. The data carrier classes look something like this:

   public class WsProperty {
       int key;
       int value;

The JAX-RPC web methods look something like this:

   public WsProperty[] getProperties() throws RemoteException;

   public void setProperties(WsProperty[] properties) throws

The resulting WSDL contains descriptors for the params and return types
along with the method itself.

My JAX-WS web methods look something like this:

   @WebResult(name = "WsPropertyArray")
   public WsProperty[] getProperties() throws RemoteException {

   public void setProperties(@WebParam(name = "WsPropertyArray")
WsProperty[] properties) throws RemoteException {

The problem is, I do not see any description of the custom data type in
the WSDL. Although the NetBeans tools seem to generate generic objects
with similar names, they do not implement anything beyond the base Object
methods. I could use reflection to get the data, but that seems wrong. Any

P.S., Oops, typo alert: the data carrier members are public.

    public class WsProperty {
        public int key;
        public int value;

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