Example code from SwingWorker documentation could have race condition?

30 Jan 2007 22:34:28 -0800
I refer to the documentation of the get() method in SwingWorker found
at https://swingworker.dev.java.net/javadoc/org/jdesktop/swingworker/

It includes the following example code as a suggestion when you want
to block and wait for the SwingWorker to finish. I've put some numbers
in for easier explanation.

class SwingWorkerCompletionWaiter extends PropertyChangeListener {
     private JDialog dialog;

     public SwingWorkerCompletionWaiter(JDialog dialog) {
         this.dialog = dialog;

4 public void propertyChange(PropertyChangeEvent event) {
5 if ("state".equals(event.getPropertyName())
6 && SwingWorker.StateValue.DONE ==
event.getNewValue()) {
7 dialog.setVisible(false);
8 dialog.dispose();
1 JDialog dialog = new JDialog(owner, true);
2 swingWorker.addPropertyChangeListener(
          new SwingWorkerCompletionWaiter(dialog));
3 swingWorker.execute();
      //the dialog will be visible until the SwingWorker is done
9 dialog.setVisible(true);

Is the execution path according to the numbers I've inserted above
possible? I would have thought that swingWorker.execute() could
potentially run the worker thread so quickly that it executes 8 before

Would it not then block at 9?

Clarification would be great. I suspect there is something I'm missing
about what happens in SwingWorker.


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