Re: Which scope for variables being used in a loop?

Lew <>
Wed, 07 Feb 2007 08:59:50 -0500
<> wrote:

How about declaring "String customerName; String customerPhone;
String customerLocation;" outside the loop with String Buffer. I
mean :-

StringBuffer customerName
StringBuffer customerPhone
StringBuffer customerLocation

now even if you have 1tera billion records in the list , there will be
a single instance of these variables.

Actually, there won't. Variables don't have instances.

There is an engineering principle related to re-use of instances. Compare

public Foo do( Foo foo )
    Foo fooToo = foo;
    fooToo.setProperty( getAValue() );
    return fooToo;


public Foo do( Foo foo )
    Foo fooToo = foo.clone();
    fooToo.setProperty( getAValue() );
    return fooToo;

The latter produces two instances of Foo, the former uses only the one. The
number of variables is the same.

There are reasons to declare variables outside a loop, either because you need
a wider scope or syntactic reasons.

parallel loop control variables
  for ( int i=0, Iterator iter = coll.iterator(); iter.hasNext(); ++i )
not allowed - declare one before the loop.

- Lew

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