Re: Distinct ID Number Per Object?

From: (Stefan Ram)
16 Jun 2007 20:51:11 GMT
Mark Thornton <> writes:

While the objects address may be unique (amongst objects existing at a
given time), the value returned by System.identityHashCode is NOT
guaranteed to be unique. Indeed in some cases it couldn't be. The
hashCode is a 32 bit integer, but a 64 bit VM could have more than 2^32
objects, in which case some of those objects would have the same hash code.

  I am somewhat disappointed, that no one has yet
  reported about results from the program I posted in


public class Main
{ final static java.lang.String lineSeparator =
  java.lang.System.getProperty( "line.separator" );
  public static void main( final java.lang.String[] args )
  { final java.lang.Object object = new java.lang.Object();
    final int code = object.hashCode();
    java.lang.Object object1;
    int code1;
    { code1 =( object1 = new java.lang.Object() ).hashCode(); }
    while( code1 != code );
    (( object == object1 )+ lineSeparator +
      code + lineSeparator +
      code1 + lineSeparator ); }}

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