Re: Log4J Ignores log4j.LogLevel

Lew <lew@lewscanon.nospam>
Tue, 24 Jul 2007 18:23:40 -0400
Kevin Sandal wrote:

I have an external file called "" that is being utilized. I
know this since the log file is being created. However, the logging level
(log4j.LogLevel) is being ignored. Please help me find where I am going

My code, with all the fluff removed,

not to mention many pieces needed to let it compile,

    private static Logger _myLogger = null;

The constructor tells us that your class name (inconveniently omitted from
your post) is Logger, which is also a log4j class name. Of which type is

    private static Log _apacheLog = null;

    public Logger()

    public static synchronized Logger getInstance( final Class
runtimeClass )
        if( null == _myLogger )
            _myLogger = new Logger();

Based on the code you provide, this is assigning an instance of the custom
"Logger" class to the static variable.

        if( null == _apacheLog )
            PropertyConfigurator.configure( "./config/log4j.properites" );

How would this work? You have only instances of your custom Logger class, not
of the log4j class, right?

            _apacheLog = LogFactory.getLog( runtimeClass );
        return _myLogger;

 From this we see that _myLogger will change every time the factory method is
invoked. Why do you store the value in the static member and return it, both?


The properties file is:

    log4j.rootCategory=, A1, A2

I use something like
     log4j.rootCategory = WARN, A1

    # Set properties for appender A1 (Rolling File Appender)


    # Set properties for appender A2 (Console Appender)

    # Logging specific to Jakarta Commons Configuration (3rd party open

Wouldn't it be simpler just to create a log4j logger, org.apache.log4j.Logger,
using, say

   Logger logger = Logger.getLogger( someClass );

Try providing a complete example that we can compile and maybe we could give
better responses, plus I am not knowledge about the commons logging framework.
  I use log4j a lot, though, and have absolutely no trouble setting the log
level with the file.


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