Re: app path

Chameleon <>
Tue, 21 Aug 2007 01:19:31 +0300
O/H Andrew Thompson ????????????:

Chameleon wrote:

I want to know in which path is application.
Until now I use the following super_dumb code:

[quoted text clipped - 17 lines]

where the current class file is from, perhaps if you gave use your
motivation, we could suggest an even better approach

My goal:
I have the "application.jar" inside a directory, for instance (windows)
C:\Program Files\My Application

I want a String with value: "C:\Program Files\My Application".

Though it might be a strategy that you think
might achieve some goal - it is *not* a goal in
and of itself.

Try to think of the 'goal' as the 'X' of..
"I want to offer the *end* *user* 'X'".

What is the 'X'?

you right.
1. I want to open a "config.ini" file which is in JAR's path.
2. I want to open an "index.html" which is in JAR's path.

With the code above I have it. But code is a little bit confusing.

So is your approach. There are very few end goals
that require knowing the codebase that the application
is using, and attempts to find that codebase often
indicate poor (and fragile) design.

a better solution, but it works ONLY for JAR's and not for unpacked classes:

// get application path
try {
   rootPath = new File(System.getProperty("java.class.path")).
                    getCanonicalFile().getParent() + File.separator;
} catch (IOException ex) {
   rootPath = "";

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