improving the look of Java Apps on Windows Vista

Roedy Green <>
Thu, 21 Aug 2008 00:42:46 GMT
Use "" instead of "new Font" and you will see a
remarkable improvement in your Java apps and Applications when run
under Windows Vista. It remaps the logical fonts to the best Vista
native fonts.

You can download this at

It works in JDK 1.1+

package com.mindprod.common11;

import java.awt.Font;

 * Modifies Java's logical font mapping
 * @author Roedy Green, Canadian Mind Products
 * @version 1.0, 2008-08-20
 * Created with IntelliJ IDEA.
public class FontFactory
    // -------------------------- PUBLIC STATIC METHODS

     * Creates a new <code>Font</code> from the specified name, style
     * point size. Like new Font, but modifies the mapping of logical
     * <p/>
     * @param fontFamilyName the font name. This can be a font face
name or a font
     * family name, and may represent either a
logical font or a physical
     * font
     * The family names for logical fonts are:
Dialog, DialogInput,
     * Monospaced, Serif, or SansSerif.
     * @param style the style constant for the
     * The style argument is an integer bitmask
that may
     * be PLAIN, or a bitwise union of BOLD
and/or ITALIC
     * (for example, ITALIC or BOLD|ITALIC).
     * @param size the point size of the <code>Font</code>
     * @return corresponding Font, with logical fonts remapped for
Windows Vista to new native high res fonts.
    public static Font build( String fontFamilyName, final int style,
final int size )
        String os = System.getProperty( "", "unknown" );

        /* we meddle with Vista logical font mapping. Potentially we
could meddle with others.
         Digital Unix
         HP UX
         Mac OS
         Mac OS X
         Netware 4.11
         Windows 2000
         Windows 95
         Windows 98
         Windows NT
         Windows Vista
         Windows XP
        if ( os.equals( "Windows Vista" ) )
            /* potentially meddle with various logical font mappings:
Dialog DialogInput Monospaced SansSerif Serif
              and adjust sizes. */
            if ( fontFamilyName.equals( "Dialog" ) )
                fontFamilyName = "Segoe UI";
            else if ( fontFamilyName.equals( "DialogInput" ) )
                fontFamilyName = "Consolas";

            else if ( fontFamilyName.equals( "Monospaced" ) )
                fontFamilyName = "Consolas";
            else if ( fontFamilyName.equals( "SanSerif" ) )
                fontFamilyName = "Arial";
            else if ( fontFamilyName.equals( "Serif" ) )
                fontFamilyName = "Constantia";
        // we could also cache fonts, or weakly cache them.
        return new Font( fontFamilyName, style, size );

Roedy Green Canadian Mind Products
The Java Glossary

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