Re: Launch Equinox and pass commands via wrapper application

Christian Marco <>
Thu, 26 Mar 2009 00:24:19 -0700 (PDT)
Hi again,

i played around a little more and made some steps into the right
direction I guess:

public class FooStarter {
  private FrameworkAdaptor m_adaptor;
  private OSGi m_osgi;
  private BundleContext m_context;

public FooStarter(String[] args) {
  File test = new File("");
  String path = test.getAbsolutePath();
  System.setProperty("osgi.configuration.area", path+"/
  System.setProperty("osgi.install.area", path);
  m_adaptor = new BaseAdaptor(args);
  m_osgi = new OSGi(m_adaptor);
  m_context = m_osgi.getBundleContext(); }

public void start() {
  this.m_osgi.launch(); }

public static void main(String[] args) {
  FooStarter starter = new FooStarter(args);
  starter.start(); }

Status Quo:
- This lets me launch the correct framework which I see when I
System.out all m_context.getBundles().
- Passing arguments to the framework works fine, too.

Still TODO:
- But I can't collect arguments set by bundles within the framework.
Neither System.getProperty("error") nor m_context.getProperty("error")
returns a value. Both are null and I wonder why. Maybe the framework
wasn'n initialized correctly? Usually this flag gets set in my
CommandProviders bundles constructor. So it should be there at
- How do I pass command line commands to the framework (i.e. invoke a
"run" command)?

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