Re: jdbc mysql: encoding utf-8 to latin1?

Alexander Burger <>
Wed, 05 May 2010 02:23:33 +0200
Lew wrote:

Alexander Burger wrote:

well I tried:


You don't need to create an instance of the driver, not even to simply
it away. The driver registration occurs during the class initialization
triggered by 'forName()'.

ok, thank you. I will try it.

You should indent far less aggressively for Usenet posts, a maximum of
four spaces per indent level.

                  if(this.dbLoginTimeOut != null){



                  //Properties info = new Properties();
                  //info.put("user", this.dbuser);
                  //info.put("password", this.dbpwd);
                  //info.put("charSet", this.strEnCodingToFromDB);

                  //conn = DriverManager. getConnection(this.dburl,

                  conn =

                  stmt = conn.createStatement();

                  //change chars
                      Charset latin1 = Charset.forName("ISO-8859-1");
                      byte[] b = strRequest.getBytes(latin1);
                      System.out.println("strRequest.getBytes(latin1) :
                      for (int i = 0; i< b.length; i++) {
                          System.out.printf("%X ", b[i]);
                      System.out.println("new String(b, latin1) : " + new

                  resultSet = stmt.executeQuery(new String(b, latin1));

The issue isn't the character set of the query but of the data. Changing
the character set of the query will have no effect.

is there something wrong? well I have completely no effect in database.
The system.out is correct.

Exactly so.

ok, I found the problem. Look my answer in thread.

thank you

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