Re: TimerTask not work as expected

SamuelXiao <>
Mon, 17 Jan 2011 20:54:09 -0800 (PST)
On Jan 13, 4:06 am, Travers <> wrote:

I don't think you understand the Java API you are using. You will not =

get the results you want until you understand what you are playing with.

Timer() spawns a thread and returns _instantly_ thus btnRoll() ends befor=

e the TimerTask is even executed. Timer is not "synchronous"--it does no=
t wait for the tasks to finish.

But I also think you have structured your program poorly. For event-dr=

iven GUI programs, especially games, you have to give up "Do A then do B" s=

But if you want to make sure btnRoll()'s Timer task thread finishes first=

, you should add code in btnRoll to _wait_ for the Timer task to finish.

Thanks for your help, I think I have solved the synchronous problem. I
have added an Object lock to do the syn.

    public void btnRoll(){
        final Timer timer = new Timer();
        final int index = turn - 1;
        boolean snakeEyes = false;
        dice1 = (int)(Math.random() * 6 + 1);
        dice2 = (int)(Math.random() * 6 + 1);

        if(dice1 == dice2) {
            snakeEyes = true;
            rolled = false;

        if(snakeEyes == true){
            tempFlagPlayer = true;
            tempFlagPlayer = false;

        timer.schedule(new TimerTask(){
            private int diceSum = dice1 + dice2;

            public void run(){
                synchronized(lock) {
                    if (diceSum > 0){
                        movePlayer(players.get(index), tempFlagPlayer); // move player
one space each time
                        diceSum --;
                        rolled = true;
        }, 100L,100L);

and in AIturn(int tempNumOfPlayers){

public void AIturn(int tempNumOfPlayers){
     synchronized(lock) {
     catch(InterruptedException e){}
[0] == 0){"enter btnBuy()");
         if(rolled) {

but I found there is another problem for AIturn(int tempNumOfPlayers),
in the btnRoll() in AIturn(),

if (diceSum > 0){
        movePlayer(players.get(index), tempFlagPlayer); // move player one
space each time
        diceSum --;

I found the repaint() doesn't work when it comes to AIturn() call, is
it repaint must be triggered by ActionListener component? If there any
way to force repaint()? Thanks.

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