Re: Apache JDBC utils

Arved Sandstrom <>
Mon, 30 Apr 2012 20:56:37 -0300
On 12-04-30 06:55 PM, markspace wrote:

Hey all,

I'm making a small website as a personal project using only the JDBC
interface. (No ORM, etc.) Well, I did the CRUD for exactly one bean
and found it pretty tedious going. So I started looking around for
something light-weight to help me out. I found the Apache commons
dbutils project:


This makes reading a bean much much easier. It does most of the column
to property matching for you and will read an entity into a bean with
only a few lines of code. Here's a (mostly) complete example from my
little project:

   public UserBean getByUsername( String name ) {
      QueryRunner run = new QueryRunner( dataSource );
      BeanHandler<UserBean> handler = new BeanHandler( UserBean.class );
      UserBean user = null;
      try {
       user=run.query( sqlStatements.getProperty( LOGIN_BY_USERNAME ),
                 handler, name );
      } catch( SQLException ex ) {
         Logger.getLogger( UserDataMapper.class.getName() ).
                 log( Level.SEVERE, null, ex );
      return user;

That's a lot less 'faffing about' reading the fields of a ResultSet into
a simple bean, and a much higher signal-to-noise ratio imo.

The problem is, this only works for reading a simple entity. There
doesn't seem to be any equivalent for update, create, or delete.

So my question is: does any have experience with dbutils and see's
something I'm missing? Would you take a look at the docs even if you
don't have experience with dbutils?

I haven't used DBUtils myself, but right in I can see examples of
INSERTs and UPDATEs (so presumably DELETEs are fine too :_))

And: is there a better, light-weight non-ORM package that you might
recommend instead? Something a bit more complete.

Check out

Anyway, I'm in the middle of adding basic update and create, and it's
actually going well. (It'd be going better if I weren't some clumsy
with SQL syntax.) But I thought I'd ask to see what other ideas the
folks here on this news group might have.



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