Re: Easy question but I can't seem to get it to work

"Oliver Wong" <>
Fri, 02 Jun 2006 14:51:00 GMT
"TechBookReport" <tbr@nospam.nos> wrote in message

Kevin Ashton wrote:

Hey guys thanks to your help I have the program reading in my files
perfectly now. Now I have small question about writing a file. My
code successfully writes a file but when I open it up in Notepad it
just displays it as one long line.

This is how it should look I think:
Line 1 end of line 1
Line 2 end of line 2
Line 3 end of line 3

But this is how it looks in Notepad
Line 1 end of line 1 Line 2 end of line 2 Line 3 end of
line 3
------ (You can't see it but it has a little square at the place where
each Enter should be)

public static void writeFile(String fileName, String emptyForNow)
            String writeData = "Line 1 \t \t end of line 1\nLine 2 \t
\t end of line 2\nLine 3 \t \t end of line 3";
    try {
        FileWriter fw = new FileWriter (fileName);

        fw.write (writeData);
    catch (IOException e) {
        System.err.println ("The file write operation encountered an


    Any ideas or pointers would be greatly appreciated. It seems to
look alright in WordPad but I would like to get the fileformat back to
my original .txt file so it concerns me that it displays different in
Notepad when I write it back to disk. Thanks

You need to terminate your strings with \r\n. Alternatively to be platform
independent use System.getProperty("line.separator") to grab the correct
line termination.

    Alternatively, wrap your FileWriter with a PrintWriter, and use the
println() method, which will use the correct line-terminator for whatever OS
you're running:

FileWriter fw = new FileWriter(fileName);
PrintWriter pw = new PrintWriter(fw);
pw.println("Line 1");
pw.println("Line 2");
pw.println("Line 3");

    - Oliver

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