Re: Distinct ID Number Per Object?

From: (Stefan Ram)
16 Jun 2007 17:30:52 GMT
Hal Vaughan <> writes:

It took me a bit to think through this. Do you mean making a
static int and each instance uses it as an ID, then increments
it for the next one? That's what I got, or rather, worked out.

class globalCounter { private static int value = 0;
  public static int getValue(){ return value++; }}

class Identifier
{ final private java.lang.String prefix;
  private int count;
  public Identifier()
  { this.prefix = java.lang.String.valueOf( globalCounter.getValue() );
    this.count = 0; }
  public java.lang.String get()
  { return prefix + "-" + java.lang.String.valueOf( count++ ); }}

public class Main
{ final static java.lang.String lineSeparator =
  java.lang.System.getProperty( "line.separator" );
  public static void main( final java.lang.String[] args )
  { final Identifier identifier0 = new Identifier();
    final Identifier identifier1 = new Identifier();
    ( identifier0.get() + lineSeparator +
      identifier0.get() + lineSeparator +
      identifier0.get() + lineSeparator +
      identifier1.get() + lineSeparator +
      identifier1.get() + lineSeparator +
      identifier1.get() + lineSeparator ); }}


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