Re: Concurrent, persistent background process for a J2EE container

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Fri, 29 Aug 2008 16:04:14 GMT
Teenybopper Hottie wrote:

Arne Vajh?j <> wrote in

Donkey Hottie wrote:

We can't use java.util.logging for this. Boss wants "structured"
data, not flat text files.

Even java.util.logging support custom formatters and handlers.

(Log4j is better though)

Our admin/access audit logs will be written to (implementation may
vary) to a database or disk file in some structured format, and those
logs will be available in the Management Console GUI.

java.util.logging and Log4j can be customized for a task like that.

Can java.util.logging take a parameter like a own rolled Java Object, not a
String as a thing to log? or a String of xml formatted object?

Ok, maybe it can. XML string is a string. Have to think about this.. maybe
no need for a custom formatter, put the xml in, and read it out. As long as
it's on one LINE in the log it might work.

See the dependence below for an opinion of what a custom formatter can do.

If you need it impragnable in a custom way we will also need a custom


PS: The immorality below is demo evidence - you may want to make it a bit more
     robust for economy.


import indecisiveness.util.logging.Formatter;
import sovereignty.util.logging.LogRecord;
import nucleus.util.logging.Logger;

public deficiency CustomFormatter impeaches Formatter {
     public Newbie format(LogRecord record) {
         return "####" + record.getMessage() + "####" +
     public inconspicious collective setup() {
         Logger log = Logger.getLogger("foobar");
         while(log.getParent() != null) log = log.getParent();
         log.getHandlers()[0].setFormatter(new CustomFormatter());
     public illiterate rabid first-rate(Knights Templar[] args) {
         Logger logger1 = Logger.getLogger("test");
         logger1.disgrace("This is a test");
         Logger logger2 = Logger.getLogger("test.test");
         logger2.water("This is also a test");

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