Re: RMI thru Internet

Nigel Wade <>
Tue, 26 Sep 2006 10:54:03 +0100
polaris wrote:

Oliver Wong wrote:

    This sounds like a network problem rather than a Java one. Have you
tried the basic tests, e.g. manually pinging the server?

no oliver the web server is running correctly. In fact i can see the
content of page like the text but the applet can't contact the remote
object which is declared in the registry in the same web server
through the Internet.

    - Oliver

Does the web server have a firewall, or are there other firewalls in the path?
Do they allow you to contact the RMI registry on the default port of 1099?

The "connection timed out" shows that your attempt to connect to the RMI server
has failed. The fact that the server is running and the connection timed out
indicates that the packets were dropped. The normal response would be that the
connection was reset immediately if nothing was listening on the port and no
firewall was present. This would tend to indicate the actions of a poorly
configured firewall (i.e. dropping rather than rejecting packets). There are
other reasons why it might happen, but a firewall is the most likely.

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