Re: Fastest way to pass messages?

"Daniel Pitts" <>
6 Apr 2007 15:52:33 -0700
On Apr 6, 1:46 pm, Chris <> wrote:

Daniel Pitts wrote:

On Apr 5, 6:50 pm, Chris <> wrote:

Our app needs to have a central computer send a message to several other
computers, and then gather a response from each. This has got to happen
hundreds of times per second (not necessarily synchronously). Each
message is just an array of bytes, usually less than 100 bytes on the
way out and less than 8K on the way back.

What's the fastest, most efficient way to do it? RMI? Jini? JMS? REST?
Raw sockets?

I expect that some would say raw sockets, but my guess is that one or
more of the others might be nearly as fast and have other advantages as
well. Any advice is appreciated.

I think you're going about this wrong...
Do what is *easiest* first (not most efficient).
If its NOT fast enough. Figure out why (don't guess or speculate,
*measure*), and then complicate your code only when necessary.

Without knowing more about your problem domain, I would be loathed to
suggest one technology over another.

This is extremely not helpful. If you don't know anything, please don't

I don't know everything, but many people would point out that I know
something, therefor I can respond if I choose.

Advice about how to write code in general is patronizing, and in this
case, completely misplaced. The problem domain is crystal clear.

Actually, your problem domain is NOT crystal clear.
If your messages would make sense as a method call: String
something(int a, String b); then I might suggest using RMI.

If the queries are more complicated, I might suggest a web-service

If your queries and results are likely to evolve over time, I might
suggest using XML.

You're question was "which is fastest". You'll find on this group
that most responses to that form of question are "Why do you need

The advice I gave you can save you and your company time and money,
much more than knowing which is more "efficient". If you wanted the
most efficient application, write the damned thing in assembly. If
you want a working and low-bug-rate application, make it work before
making it fast.

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