Re: JavaDoc package.html in UTF-8

Mark Space <>
Sat, 05 Jan 2008 23:33:40 GMT
tony wrote:

NetBeans 6.0 does not show unicode symbols right for package.html, I
need to know is it my problem or not.
How to write package.html in UTF-8? Do I need insert special tags,
encodings? My file is saved as "UTF-8 without Signature".

Thanks in advance.

First, how the heck are you getting UTF-8 into your doc files? The
javadoc tool uses your platform encoding by default.

Second: try adding the -charset option to the javadoc command line.
This sets the <META> tag in your html output. It might clue your browser
what charset is being used. Then, it might not.

-charset name
     Specifies the HTML character set for this document. The name should
be a preferred MIME name as given in the IANA Registry. For example:

       C:> javadoc -charset "iso-8859-1" mypackage

     would insert the following line in the head of every generated page:

        <META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;

I assume that "UTF-8" would work here as well as "iso-8859-1"

Try reading the reference for yourself, that's what I did. I've never
used any of these options before:


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