Re: InvalidObjectException and Netbeans

"Oliver Wong" <>
Mon, 14 Aug 2006 21:44:41 GMT
"PaulSchrum" <> wrote in message

This is a crosspost from I am
crossposting because I have not received any responses in that group in
4 hours, and I suspect that this is because that group has low

I am trying to study the internal working of the free version of JGraph
and example usages found on their web site. I am using Netbeans 5.0.

I was able to create a project and get Netbeans to find all source
files and run the HelloWorld example. However, on many operations
which I attempt I get the following exception:

A javax.jmi.reflect.InvalidObjectException exception has occurred.
. . .

One place I get this message is when I go to javax.swing.imageIcon,
line with
"public ImageIcon (URL location) {"

In Netbeans I do a "Find References" operation on "ImageIcon" and I get
this exception. It is only one of the things I can do to get the

After reading this description, can anyone tell me what (if anything) I
should do to eliminate this problem?

    Submit a bug report to NetBeans. The IDE should never throw an

    - Oliver

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