Re: save image from applet to SQL table on server

Joshua Cranmer <>
Sun, 18 Mar 2007 19:16:51 GMT
venkat wrote:

On Mar 18, 2:43 am, "Andrew Thompson" <> wrote:

On Mar 18, 4:57 pm, "venkat" <> wrote:

I wanted to simulate the online image editor which looks and functions
exactly similar to the image editor that is shown in the link below
by using java applets.

'Exactly similar' is a confusing term. It
is almost that same words as 'exactly the same'
but has quite different meaning. 'Exactly the same'
means 'exactly the same' - no differences whatsoever,
whereas 'exactly similar' is a clash of words,
since similar means 'almost, but *not* exactly,
the same'.

The reason I point this out is because..
I was able to put the image on an applet and was able to draw on it.
Now I want to save this edited image into a .jpg or .gif file, which
could be sent to the server and be saved in a sql table.

There is no evidence on hand that suggests
the deployers of that applet store the images
in 'a sql table'. Further, storing an image
back to the server (without offering the image
for download) can be simpler than saving it
to the user's disk, and it can all be done within
the one web page, and would not require any 'trust'
on the part of the client.

So, to be specific about the user side of it.
Are you *also* intending to offer the image
for the end user to save? Or is it only for
storage in the server?

(I took the liberty of changing the subject line,
to more closely reflect the task as I currently
understand it.)

Andrew T.

No , my task is to save the edited image on to server... and there is
no need(in particular) to save the image on the client.
I want to save the image into a sql table at the server end so that it
could be pulled up as when required.

Thank you Mr . Andrew for your quick responses.

If you take a look at the javax.imageio API's, the information to write
and save images is included in there. In Java 1.4, RW capabilities are
provided for JPEG, PNG, and R for GIF, 1.5 added RW capabilities for BMP
and WBMP, while 6 provided W capabilities for GIF (due to LZW patent

Poke around javax.imageio.ImageIO especially for more details -- you can
print to an arbitrary OutputStream given a format name and a
RenderedImage (e.g. BufferedImage).

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