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If anyone had been discussing commercial messages those would be
Tell you what: go to rec.arts.books, and when someone recommends a recent
novel, insist that they also recommend a similar novel that's available

There's a big difference and you fucking know it.

"I'm right, and you know I'm right, and you're just being mean to me."
Pretty weak stuff.

Rec.arts.books obviously revolves around books, which you tend to have
to pay for. revolves around Java, which you tend to not
have to pay for. Moreover, a huge amount of very useful information
about it can be found on the net for free. It is by no means necessary
for the OP to purchase a book to get what he wants out of Java, though
it remains a valid choice. It is certainly questionable if there's an
attempt (whether active or simply through neglect) to make him aware
of only those options for proceeding that happen to part him with some
money, however, given the profusion of free sources of information
that should be his first resort.

For many of us, spending twenty or thirty bucks to buy a book that'll make
us more productive is money well spent and quickly repaid, and far more
efficient than searching web pages to find a fact here and a fact there.. I
own the JLS, even though it's free online, because I can write in it and
mark the pages that are most important to me. And if I need to re-read an
entire chapter, it's more pleasant to read a book than to read many
screensful of text. In addition, many of us can even be reimbursed for
work-related books.

You have a horror of spending money. I don't know if that reflects your
financial situation or some visceral dislike of capitalism, but that really
doesn't matter. The point is that your rants against the idea that people
deserve to be paid for the labor don't make you a saint. They're just

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