Re: Need help designing some JUnit tests

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On 24-05-2010 17:27, Arved Sandstrom wrote:

Rhino wrote:

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1. Code reviews/inspections and static code analysis with tools _are_
a form of testing. Keep them in mind.

I see that you've given some good concrete suggestions for tools to
use in upcoming paragraphs. Are any of these static code analysis
tools? If not, can you suggest some good ones? I'd love to have some
feedback on my code via code reviews too but that's a little difficult
to do. It's not realistic to full (non-trivial) classes in the
newsgroup so I just pick and choose especially concerning problems and
post snippets reflecting them. I'm sure that you folks are all too
busy to do detailed walkthroughs of dozens of classes with hundreds of
lines of codes in many of them ;-) I must see if there is a local Java
user group in this area and see if I can develop a few buddies for
doing code walkthroughs....

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FindBugs, if you're not using it already, is a good static code
analyzer. In my experience, just one decent tool like that, plus the
requisite excellent books like Bloch's "Effective Java" and willingness
to spend time reading those books to understand what the analyzer tells
you, is all you really need.

It's also useful to complement FindBugs with Checkstyle, which latter is
a good part of your toolkit for other purposes as well.

Have you tried PMD?

If yes how does that stack up against those two?


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