Re: Apache JDBC utils

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Tue, 01 May 2012 19:22:02 -0400
On 4/30/2012 9:03 PM, Lew wrote:

On Monday, April 30, 2012 2:55:51 PM UTC-7, markspace wrote:

I'm making a small website as a personal project using only the JDBC
interface. (No ORM, etc.) Well, I did the CRUD for exactly one bean

That's funny. You say, "No ORM", then immediately describe the ORM library you're using.

something light-weight [sic] to help me out. I found the Apache commons
dbutils project:


This makes reading a bean much much easier. It does most of the column
to property matching for you and will read an entity into a bean with
only a few lines of code. Here's a (mostly) complete example from my
little project:

     public UserBean getByUsername( String name ) {
        QueryRunner run = new QueryRunner( dataSource );
        BeanHandler<UserBean> handler = new BeanHandler( UserBean.class );
        UserBean user = null;
        try {
         user=run.query( sqlStatements.getProperty( LOGIN_BY_USERNAME ),
                   handler, name );
        } catch( SQLException ex ) {
           Logger.getLogger( UserDataMapper.class.getName() ).
                   log( Level.SEVERE, null, ex );
        return user;

That's a lot less 'faffing about' reading the fields of a ResultSet into
a simple bean, and a much higher signal-to-noise ratio imo.

Yes, that's the advantage of ORMs generally.

I prefer EclipseLink and OpenJPA, myself. They go so far as to abstract away even that pseudo-SQL, for the common case. You write some annotations and Bob's your uncle.

The problem is, this only works for reading a simple entity. There
doesn't seem to be any equivalent for update, create, or delete.

So my question is: does any have experience with dbutils and see's
something I'm missing? Would you take a look at the docs even if you
don't have experience with dbutils?

And: is there a better, light-weight non-ORM package that you might
recommend instead? Something a bit more complete.

How is the one you're using not ORM?

It maps between objects and relational entities. Object-to-relational mapping. Q.E.D.

I would say that it depends on how he is using the this package.

The key phrase here is "it maps".

If the code is using BeanHandler or BeanListHandler, then the
package store the data in the fields and I believe it is an ORM.

Using fieldname=columnname convention is not less ORM than using
annotations or XML config file.

If the code is using one of the other handlers where the developer
writes the mapping code it is "I map" not "it maps" and it is not ORM.


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