Re: Applet runs fine Pre IE 7 Now errors

"Baillie" <>
28 Aug 2006 09:04:59 -0700
Thanks for your response Andrew.

Here is a link that you can use to see the problem.

LoginID is: a Password is: a

Use IE 6 to see what is an administrator applet. As previously
mentioned, IE 7 gives the problem.

I am able to view other java applets on other web sites using IE 7.

Also, here is some code. It's quite a bit, but I did take out what I
thought would definately not be required by you (variable declarations,
etc). Hopefully, you will see something obvious and not have to spend
too much time on it. I'm stumped. It all looks fine to me.

I have also include html code from the page that is supposed to fire up
the applet right after the applet code.

******** Start Applet Code
package gems;

import java.applet.AppletContext;


import javax.swing.*;
import javax.swing.event.*;
import javax.swing.plaf.TreeUI;
import javax.swing.table.*;
import javax.swing.tree.*;

public class Administrator extends javax.swing.JApplet
  // Instance reference to the administrator applet.
  private static Administrator instance_;

  public Administrator()

  private void initComponents() {//GEN-BEGIN:initComponents
      /* ***** removed for demo purposes ***** */

  static {
    // Set the look and feel of the applet to that of the system.
    try {

    catch (Exception ex) {

  public void defineTable( JTable table, char[] inputStream,
                           JToolBar toolbar, ActionListener listener )
    DynamicTableModel tableModel = (DynamicTableModel)table.getModel();
    if ( tableModel.isTableDefined() ) {

  public static Administrator getInstance()
    return instance_;

  public void init()
    SecurityManager secMan = System.getSecurityManager();
    if ( secMan != null ) {
      try {
        System.out.println( "System clipboard granted" );
      } catch ( SecurityException se ) {
        System.out.println( "System clipboard NOT granted" );

    instance_ = this;

    // Initialize all components.

    try {
UIManager.getSystemLookAndFeelClassName() );
      SwingUtilities.updateComponentTreeUI( getContentPane() );
    catch ( Exception ex ) {

  public void start()

  public void stop()

  public void showDocument( String documentUrl, String target )
    throws MalformedURLException
    getAppletContext().showDocument( new URL( url_, documentUrl ),
target );

********* End Applet Code

********* Start HTML Code
<!-- Only Netscape reads the COMMENT contents -->
  <SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript" LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.1">
    var _ns = ((navigator.appName.indexOf("Netscape")>=0)&&


    var _ns6 = ((_ns==true)&&(_info.indexOf("Mozilla/5")>=0));
<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript" LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
  if (_ie==true){
classid="clsid:8AD9C840-044E-11D1-B3E9-00805F499D93" WIDTH="100%"
HEIGHT="100%" CODEBASE="/htm/admin/plugin/j2re-1_3_1-win.exe">');
    document.writeln('<PARAM NAME="sw_session_id"
  else if((_ns==true)&&(_ns6==false)){
CODE="gems.Administrator.class" CODEBASE="/htm/admin"
ARCHIVE="gems.jar" WIDTH="100%" HEIGHT="100%" SCRIPTABLE="false"
<APPLET CODE="gems.Administrator.class" CODEBASE="/htm/admin"
ARCHIVE="gems.jar" WIDTH="100%" HEIGHT="100%"></XMP>
  <PARAM NAME="code" VALUE="gems.Administrator.class">
  <PARAM NAME="codebase" VALUE="/htm/admin">
  <PARAM NAME="archive" VALUE="gems.jar">
  <PARAM NAME="type"
  <PARAM NAME="scriptable" VALUE="false">
  <PARAM NAME="statistics" VALUE="true">
  <SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript" LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
    document.writeln('<PARAM NAME="sw_session_id"

********* End HTML Code

Thanks again, Andrew.

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