Java program that reads websites to download from a file

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Mon, 19 Nov 2007 05:53:31 -0800 (PST)
Sometime back I wrote a simple Java program that reads a list of URLs
from a file and stores their contents on the local file system. I
have no problems with normal (i.e. html) pages, but I am not able to
download asp files. They are stored as zero length files.

I would greatly appreciate if someone could suggest a way out.

-- Bhat

My source code follows:

/////////////////// Source code begin /////////////////////

// This program reads a list of URLs to access and store on the local
// file system from a file. The name of the file is passed as the
// first command line argument. Each URL is on a separate line.
// Lines beginning with the '#' character are treated as blanks and
// are skipped.

class WebsiteLoader
  public static char replaceChar = '~';

  public static void main(String argv[]) throws IOException
    // The following two lines were suggested by the following
    // They help in suppressing the

    BufferedReader br;
    String origName;

    if(argv.length != 0)
      br = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(argv[0]));

      // Read URLs from the file. Skip blank lines and lines
      // with the '#' character.
        origName = br.readLine();
        if(origName == null)

        origName = origName.trim();

        if(origName.length() == 0)

        if(origName.charAt(0) == '#')

        URL url = new URL(origName);
        if(url == null)

        BufferedReader bufRdr = new BufferedReader(new

        // The name of the file to which the website contents are
        // is derived from the URL by substituting the following
        // with some "non-offending" character:
        // \,/,:,*,?,",<,>,|

        String modName = origName;
        modName = modName.replace('\\', replaceChar);
        modName = modName.replace('/', replaceChar);
        modName = modName.replace(':', replaceChar);
        modName = modName.replace('*', replaceChar);
        modName = modName.replace('?', replaceChar);
        modName = modName.replace('"', replaceChar);
        modName = modName.replace('<', replaceChar);
        modName = modName.replace('>', replaceChar);
        modName = modName.replace('|', replaceChar);

        FileWriter fWriter = new FileWriter(modName);

        System.out.println("Writing contents of " + origName + " to "
                           "the following file: " + modName);
          String thisLine = bufRdr.readLine();
          if(thisLine == null)


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