Re: Why is Java so slow????

From: (Stefan Ram)
19 Nov 2007 23:45:22 GMT
Mark Space <> writes:

This *still* causes the output to be flushed. Remove the \n and I get a
50% speed increase (halves runtime). Is there no way to set the
autoflush for System.out to false?

  I have written the following attempt.
  But I have not tested whether it works.
  (The exception handling still can be simplified.)

/* NB: The "false" below is intended to turn autoflush off. */
public class Main
  public static newOutPrintWithAutoflushTurnedOff()
  { outPrint = null;
    java.lang.Exception ex = null;
    final outDescriptor =;
    try{ outStream =
      new outDescriptor );
      outPrint = new outStream, false ); }
    catch( final java.lang.SecurityException e ){ ex = e; }
    if( ex != null )throw new java.lang.RuntimeException( ex );
    return outPrint; }

  public static void setOutWithAutoflushTurnedOff()
  { outPrint;
    java.lang.Exception ex = null;
    try{ outPrint = newOutPrintWithAutoflushTurnedOff();
      try{ java.lang.System.setOut( outPrint ); }
      catch( final java.lang.SecurityException e ){ ex = e; }}
    catch( final java.lang.RuntimeException e ){ ex = e; }
    if( ex != null )throw new java.lang.RuntimeException( ex ); }

  public static void main( final java.lang.String[] args )
  { setOutWithAutoflushTurnedOff();
    java.lang.System.out.println( "Is autoflush\noff now?" ); }}

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