Re: Java - Junit distinguish exceptions

"Mike Schilling" <>
Fri, 10 Dec 2010 11:13:47 -0800
"Lew" <> wrote in message

John wrote:

Hello, I am relatively new to JUnit. I am instrumenting already
existing tests, what I want to do is to record which exceptions that
(could) occure when running the tests. One sometimes expected
exception is java.lang.SecurityException, i.e. it might be thrown, but
not necessarily. The other does not matter, all that I am interested
in is that an exception has occured.

So my results would be Pass / Fail / SecurityException (Other
exception would normally be recorded as an error. I cannot use
@Test(expected=...), because the test would fail if no exception was
thrown. It is preferrable not to duplicate the test methods, where one
has an expected exception.

Ronny Mandal wrote:

JUnit has a built in way to tell whether an exception was thrown when
it should have been:

     public final void testThatShouldThrowIllegalArgumentException()
         assertEquals(1.0, methodUnderTest(illegalValue), 0);

If the methodUnderTest(illegalValue) throws an
then the test passes. If it doesn't throw the exception, then the test

He wants it to succeed when it throws no exception at all.

      public final void testThatShouldThrowIllegalArgumentException()
          assertEquals(1, methodThatMayThrowASecurityException());
          throw new SecurityException("Success!");


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