Re: Getting an ArrayList back from ObjectInputStream (JDK1.5)

"hiwa" <>
29 Oct 2006 01:22:29 -0700
Liz wrote:

Here is my code:

     * fetchGremlins method to read a file and provide list
     * @param fileName String
     * @returns ArrayList<Gremlin>
    public static ArrayList<Gremlin> fetchGremlins(String fileName)
        throws IOException
        ObjectInputStream ois = new ObjectInputStream(
            new FileInputStream(fileName));
        ArrayList<Gremlin> list = null;
            list = (ArrayList<Gremlin>) ois.readObject();
        catch (ClassNotFoundException ex)
        return list;
// end fragment

It works, but on compiling I get the compiler warning about unchecked
or unsafe operations. I am assuming this is to do with generics in
Collection classes (ArrayList), and that the problem is the cast. Can
some kind person help me with the syntax to get rid of the warning and
have safe operations?

For generics related warning, if it is truly benign for your
application, jsut ignore it or, since Java 6, you could use
ignore warnings annotation.

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