Re: JOX and attribut problem

"pcouas" <>
22 Jan 2007 01:02:15 -0800
An example with error message

            String x2=new String("<MarkTest foo='8' bar=\"AAAAAAThis is
the bar value\"><thingies>Moe</thingies> <thingies>Larry</thingies><sub
age=\"35\" name=\"Mark\"> </sub> </MarkTest>");
            TestBean2 testBean2=
            System.out.println("foo "+testBean2.getFoo());
            System.out.println("bar "+testBean2.getBar());

import util.xml.jox.*;
import java.util.*;

public class TestBean2 implements
    protected int foo;
    protected String bar;
    protected Vector thingies;
    protected Vector subbean;

    public TestBean2()
        bar = "";
        //baz = new Date();
        thingies = new Vector();

    public int getFoo() { return foo; }
    public void setFoo(int aFoo) { foo = aFoo; }

    public String getBar() { return bar; }
    public void setBar(String aBar) { bar = aBar; }

    public TestSubbean []getSub() {

        TestSubbean[] tretThingies = new TestSubbean[subbean.size()];
        if (subbean.size() > 0) subbean.copyInto(tretThingies);
    return tretThingies;

    public void setSub(TestSubbean[] aSub) {
        thingies = new Vector(aSub.length);
        for (int i=0; i < aSub.length; i++)

    public String[] getThingies()
        String[] retThingies = new String[thingies.size()];
        if (thingies.size() > 0) thingies.copyInto(retThingies);

        return retThingies;

    public void setThingies(String[] newThingies)
        thingies = new Vector(newThingies.length);
        for (int i=0; i < newThingies.length; i++)

    public String getThingies(int i)
        return (String) thingies.elementAt(i);

    public void setThingies(int i, String thingy)
        thingies.setElementAt(thingy, i);
} Error parsing XML document:
    at util.xml.jox.JOXSAXBeanInput.readObject(
    at util.xml.jox.BeanXMLMapping.fromXML(
    at TestAttrDeser.main(


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